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StandAlone Pack offers 10 sexy Aero Glass gadgets for Windows 7 and Vista

It seems like just about any time we post a Windows Gadget here at Download Squad a number of commenters lament the fact that Aero Glass isn't supported. Well, this one's for you!

DeviantArt user dncube has put together a nice collection of glassed-out gadgets. All the basics are included: clock, calendar, performance meters, Wi-Fi signal strength, RSS feed reader, and weather. The pack also features a handful of badges which link to your music, picture, and movie libraries, recycle bin, and even one which checks your Gmail account for new messages.

ed note: on my Windows 7 x86 system, the installer forced me to click an ad to activate. On x64, this didn't happen. Caveat emptor -- the gadgets are nice, but there's a price to pay on 32-bit systems.

I did have one minor issue with the gadgets during install: an alert window describing possible issues with Vista's UAC caused my desktop to redraw constantly for about a minute. Once the warning disappeared, however, things worked just fine. And it may have been an issue with iTunes 10, which had decided to perform a sync at the exact same moment even though I asked it not to...

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