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TweetDeck Desktop -- not the User Streams beta -- gets an update

It might not be as sexy as the upcoming User Streams version of TweetDeck, but TweetDeck Desktop just got an update with bug fixes and several small-but-useful new features. Here's what's new in version 0.35:

If you care about Trending Topics, you'll be glad to know that those are included, filtered by country, and armed with trend explanations from Users who cross-post to Twitter and Google Buzz are no longer limited to 140 characters ... the tweet will still be shortened to 140, but it will include link to the full-length Buzz post.

Speaking of shortening, TweetDeck has also added hover-to-expand functionality for Twitter's increasingly popular shortlinks. Just hover over a link to see where it will actually send you. Sign-in also just got a little bit easier. In the new version of TweetDeck, you don't have to manually add or re-add any social network accounts if you've already attached them to your TweetDeck account. Just sign in with your TweetDeck username and password, and your other accounts will be added automatically.

It might not be as thrilling as the realtime tweets TweetDeck is working on, and it might reach the point of feature bloat after a while, but it's nice to see the desktop version of TweetDeck getting some love after all the focus on the Android release.

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