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Microsoft rumored to be making an offer for Symantec

Reports abound this morning that Microsoft may be taking a look at Symantec. After Intel's unexpected purchase of McAfee recently, prevailing sentiment is that other major players may all make similar moves. The rumors stem from analyst Katherine Eggbert's statement that "without a strategic sale or break-up near-term, a high-level management change may perhaps be the next step demanded by anxious shareholders."

Take the "news" with a large grain of salt. This isn't the first time rumors have swirled regarding a Symantec purchase. In 2007, there was talk that HP would acquire the company. It's also quite a leap to go from "stock prices can't rise without a purchase offer from someone" to "Microsoft is going to buy Symantec."

Then again, maybe Microsoft does want to buy Symantec -- and then integrate their consumer apps into Security Essentials and their corporate products into Forefront -- and then shut things down. You know, to have the ultimate last laugh about the 2006 lawsuit Symantec filed over Vista. Nah, they're not that nasty... Right?

All joking aside, if the rumors are true Microsoft would stand to gain plenty from the purchase. They'd have an even larger presence in the enterprise and control over the #1 (sales-wise) paid antivirus product for consumers to complement their own free offering, the hugely popular Security Essentials.

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