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Google Voice for Android updated - now with widgets!

Google Voice for Android just got an update -- available now in the Android Market -- and two new home screen widgets are on the menu. The first is a Google Voice inbox widget, which allows you to scan through message previews right from your home screen, and tap one to open the full message in Google Voice. It sounds like a real time-saver for folks with tons and tons of messages to wade through.

The second widget, Settings, might be even more useful. It shows your credit balance, and has 4 useful settings buttons. There's one to open the Google Voice app, one to compose a text message, one to change your dialing settings, and a fourth to toggle Do Not Disturb mode on and off.

That last one is a real winner if you've been afraid to turn on Do Not Disturb (which sends your Voice calls straight to voicemail) because you wouldn't remember to turn it off. Now it's right in front of you, so you can use it with impunity.

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