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FourEyesUp is a great resource for nerdy travellers and geeky sightseeing

I've often thought that guide books should dedicate a few more column inches to geeky attractions.

Why must holidays be about food and wine tasting, or strolling along a sun-kissed seaside boulevard? 'You must see the original Renaissance paintings! And the sculptures!' -- why?! 'The ruins of...' Shut up! I'm a geek! If I had to choose between surfing the 'Net in a coffee shop and tasting wine, I'd choose Starbucks every time!

Which is why FourEyesUp has become one of my primary travel planning resources. Did you know that you could visit Bletchley Park, birthplace of the modern computer? Or how about the MIT Museum? Philips, that omnipresent electrical manufacturer, has a really cool museum in the Netherlands; the list goes on, and on.

FourEyesUp doesn't just list museums, either. There are places, like the island of Svalbard, home of the largest Arctic research team (it's beautiful, too -- I intend to photograph it one day!). Or the Bell Homestead in Canada, home of the first telephonist, Mr Alexander Graham Bell. You can search by country, or show every science centre...

With so much attention on location independent living, and with geeks surely comprising a huge percentage of that crowd, I think FourEyesUp will do very well indeed. Here's hoping that all future travel guides -- printed and digital -- cover geekier and not-so-stereotypical 'must see' attractions.

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