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CNET finally pulls the plug on VersionTracker

I was never a big fan of CNET's VersionTracker software -- and judging by the one-star rating on, I wasn't alone. Still, with more than 18 million downloads logged, the app was clearly popular, if not well-liked.

Yesterday, however, marked the end of the VersionTracker era. The official page now sports a big, red alert that the program's 15-year run is over; it will now join other golden oldies like Bonzi Buddy and AOL floppy disks in the digital dustbin.

CNET's TechTracker has stepped in to fill the void, though I'm curious how many people actually find apps like this useful anymore. All of my core applications -- programs, Chrome, Firefox, iTunes, CS5 -- update themselves, after all, and I've had no need to update drivers since re-installing Windows on my system. What say you, Download Squad readers?

[via Switched]

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