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An early sneak-peek at Google's real-time search results

Later today there's a big Google event, where we think some big changes to their primary search product will be announced. One of those changes might be the new 'instant search' -- and if you can't wait for the official launch, you can try it out by simply visiting a special URL:

We covered Google's testing of this new feature just two weeks ago, so I'd be surprised if it moves into the mainstream so quickly. I still have no idea how advertising will work; try it yourself! Start typing something commercial like wheel of, and end with time -- see how the ads just disappear?

It is impressively fast, though!

Stay tuned for more Google changes as and when they're announced.

[via TheNextWeb]

ed note: anyone else remember Long Zheng putting something very similar together ages ago? We thought so. Try his version out here.

Update: And here's the announcement! Google Instant.

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