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Jailbreak your PlayStation 3 with your Android phone (or TI-84 calculator...)

Over the past week, a lot has changed in the PS3 modding and hacking community. In just a few short days, the PS3 has shifted from almost-impossible-to-hack to become both the easiest and cheapest console to jailbreak. All you need is a USB memory stick and some open-source code -- or an Android phone or TI-84 calculator.

I should warn you that Sony has just released a firmware fix that renders this hack null and void -- if you've already updated your PS3, you can stop reading now. I should also disclaim that this hack might break your PS3 (but it's extremely unlikely).

But why would you softmod a PS3? To play backups of your scratched game discs, of course! No, seriously, on the off-chance that Sony can track jailbroken consoles, I would strongly suggest that you merely take this as an awesome example console hacker tenacity.

[via Phandroid]

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