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ClipUpload is a super-fast way to share files, screenshots, and text


ClipUpload is definitely one of the neater tools that I've seen today. Once you fire it up, it nestles in a comfy spot in your system tray and waits. When you decide you want to send somebody a file, an image, or a long snippet of text, you just copy that file to your clipboard and click ClipUpload's icon once.

That single click makes ClipUpload instantly upload your file to an online host (SendSpace by default), and then it copies the link to your clipboard. If the file is big, you get a progress bar so that you know it's working. Once the link is in your clipboard, you just paste it into an email.

You can also configure it to use an FTP host of your choice. If there's an image in the clipboard, it uses a different host – (here, you can see a screenshot from my super-bland virtual machine). So, uploading a screenshot of your entire screen becomes a matter of hitting Prt Scrn and then clicking on ClipUpload's icon.

It's smart, too. If there's a snippet of text in the clipboard (rather than a binary data, like a file or a screenshot), a single click opens a dialog where you can set other options that are specifically for uploading text or code. You can also review the text before uploading it.

There's also a log showing all of your uploads and their URLs. It's a little trickier to access -- you need to right-click the system tray icon, click Other settings, and then click Upload log -- but it's there, and it will come in handy if you mistakenly overwrite a link from your clipboard.

Bottom line: ClickUpload is super-elegant, slick, and useful. It's very, very nice!

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