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Skype 5.0 beta 2 has 10-way video calls and dropped call recovery

If you're a Skype for Windows user, you're in luck; Skype 5.0 beta 2 is here. The marquee feature is 10-way video calling; that's up from a limit of five in the previous beta version of Skype. Even if you'd never talk to nine other people at once, there are still reasons to upgrade, including automatic call recovery, better call quality, and a new UI.

Note that group calling is still Windows-only, so everyone on the call will need to have the Windows version of the Skype beta. Also, remember that this is still a beta version, so I wouldn't go hosting any 10-way business conferences or nuclear disarmament talks on Skype just yet.

For everyone else, this beta is worth testing just for the auto-redial on those pesky dropped calls.

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