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ComicRack, eComic reader and library management

First, let me disclaim that I do not read comics, nor manga, and I'm not a huge fan of anime. In fact, the only drawn-art medium that I really like is hentai. But enough about me! Today I've had the pleasure of using ComicRack, an eComics reader and manager.

I don't have anything to compare it to, but according to my friends it's the best comic reader out there. I can't really tell you if it'll make your comics more exciting or enjoyable, but I can tell you that it's a joy to use. Just drag an archive of images into ComicRack, and off you go! It supports every popular archive format -- ZIP (CBZ), RAR (CBR), TAR (CBT), 7Z (CB7) -- and even PDFs, with a little hackery. If you prefer a more organized approach (and I'm pretty sure most comic collectors like to keep things organized), you can create a folder for each genre, or each series, or whatever tentacles tickles your fancy!

Once you've imported a few archives, it's time to read some comics. ComicRack's reader is truly lovely. You can view comics inside the main 'library' view, but really you want to use the full-screen viewer. Then it's just a matter of sitting back, scrolling your mouse wheel, and reading. There's a particularly nice page transition, too.

Best of all, ComicRack is free to download, has an active forum community -- and there are even add-ons!

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