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iTunes 10 introduces Ping social network for music (and a new logo!)

Apple has finally unveiled iTunes 10, and it comes with Ping, a built-in social network for music. Based on Steve Jobs' demo, Ping looks just like a Facebook/Twitter hybrid. The social graph connects the same way Twitter's does -- with a "follow" system, and a single on-or-off privacy setting -- but the activity stream is very reminiscent of Facebook. Posting photos and comments and "liking" things are all part of the package.

The music side reminds me of a third social network: It uses iTunes data to create custom charts based on the people you follow. Bands can have their own Ping accounts, too, where they can be followed and interact with fans. If you follow a band, you'll get alerts when they're playing shows near you, and you can click a button to indicate that you're going. Of course, it's all pulled off with Apple's typical visual slickness.

The new iTunes 10 logo might be the bigger topic of controversy amongst design nerds. We all knew it was time for the CD to go (iTunes downloads now outsell CDs, anyway), but what do we think of the new glowing blue circle?

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