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webOS 2.0 features emerge -- your Palm device just blew its own mind

Today, HP unveiled the new webOS 2.0 SDK -- and that means plenty of details about the new version are available for all to see.

One of the coolest additions is Stacks, and it's not at all like the OS X feature you're familiar with. It's an extension of the Cards system. Say you're reading an email and tap a link to open it in your Pre's browser -- webOS will show the two apps stacked together in a fanned-out view. I've always liked the way webOS handled multitasking, and stacks is going to make it even better.

There's also the arrival of Exhibition, which will allow developers to display a special view when a webOS device is docked -- say, on a TouchStone charger. The webOS universal search box is being re-born as Just Type and will enable more than just search. Users will be able to perform Quick Actions as well, like tweeting, sending short emails, adding appointments and more.

Javascript and HTML5 support is said to be much improved in the new version, and that's certainly a big plus as well -- especially as more app developers begin rolling web-based mobile apps instead of platform-specific ones.

PreCentral has a more detailed look -- give it a read if you're anxious to learn more about what's coming in webOS 2.0. There are a number of improvements and new features, and it certainly looks like good things are just around the corner for Pixi, Pre, and Pre Plus owners.

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