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Foursquare breaks 3 million users, now tells you when you'll be mayor

For folks who are sick of checking in at a favorite venue on Foursquare all the time, with no clue when they'll finally become mayor, relief is here! Now, when you check in on Foursquare, you'll see how many check-ins you have toward mayorship, along with your overall total. If you're within 10 days of becoming mayor, you'll also see how many days you have to go. If you need more detailed info about your empire of mayorships, try Mayorama for iPhone.

Don't discount how much people care about mayorships, either. A recent study found that mayorship battles were one of the major reasons people use Foursquare's "off the grid" check-ins, which give points while concealing your location from your friends.

Foursquare is becoming a bigger deal all the time, and it now has 3 million users worldwide. That's compared to the 105 million that Twitter announced back in April at the Chirp conference.

Yeah, I know that Twitter has grown since then, but it does help put things into perspective, considering that Foursquare is a newer company. And Facebook Places hasn't hurt Foursquare, either. In fact, Places launch day was Foursquare's biggest day of signups yet.

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