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Windows Live Sync dies, zombie Live Mesh is reborn

When Microsoft revealed the first beta version of Windows Live Essentials, a number of Live Mesh users were a little miffed. In addition to dropping the name, Microsoft dialed back the free storage space from 5GB to 2GB.

Today, however, they've announced that they're going to take a mulligan and un-re-name Live Sync. It's going to be called Live Mesh after all, and more importantly you're also going to get that extra 3GB of space back.

Mesh probably makes more sense anyway, what with Sync including the desktop remote functionality. But hey, who gives a rat's patoot about the name when you can now cram in more than double the digital crud? Who knows, maybe some day they'll open the floodgates and let us have Mesh access to the whole 25GB SkyDrive theoretically offers...

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