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Firefox Mobile 2.0 alpha (aka Fennec) hits Android and Maemo

Bleeding edge Firefox fans will be happy to know that an alpha version of Firefox mobile 2.0 (aka Fennec) has just landed on Android and Maemo devices. If you're running Android 2.0+, or if you've got a Nokia N900, you can download and test out the latest version of Mozilla's mobile browser right now.

Highlights of Fennec 2 include navigating through tags via swiping gestures, rendering pages with the same engine used by the desktop version Firefox, and support for add-ons. It also syncs bookmarks, passwords and open pages and tabs with Firefox on your desktop. (That last feature will be familiar to anyone who's tried Firefox Home on the iPhone).

Our friend Brad Linder at Mobiputing recommends moving some components of Firefox to your SD card on Android, because this is the first version of Fennec that will let you do that. Also, remember that this is still alpha software, so speed and stability should improve drastically by the final release.

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