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Zingaya lets website visitors voice call you instantly


Ever since I started working with Olark, I have come to realize the value of real-time customer interaction. Being able to talk to customers and help them out when they need something gives me a very real sense of both what people are looking for on the site and who our customers are.

Zingaya takes this idea one step further. You get a "Call" widget for your site. Users can simply click the widget, and your Skype starts ringing. The user doesn't need anything besides a browser (which must support Flash, I think) and a microphone.

Zingaya also works with regular landlines and mobile phones, but of course, then you have to pay calling rates. Still, it's kind of interesting. I mean, most reputable sites have contact information along with a real phone number. But being able to simply click a button on the home page and suddenly find yourself talking to a real live human is a different thing altogether. You can also filter calls by time of day (allow incoming calls only at certain hours) or by country (i.e., enable incoming calls only from certain locations).

I don't think I'll be installing Zingaya on my own site, but the concept is certainly intriguing. I also like that they're freemium -- they have a free, non-expiring plan for one operator.

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