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HP employees ready to add 500 apps to webOS Catalog

The webOS App Catalog isn't quite as much of a bustling hive of activity as Apple's App Store, but it's about to get a big boost from Palm's new in-laws at HP. According to HP CTO Phil McKinney, employees have responded to the developer challenge with more gusto than anticipated -- flooding his inbox with around 500 new apps.

There are around 3,400 apps in the Catalog right now, so these newly-developed offerings from HP will comprise a significant chunk once added. That's excellent news for webOS users, and a pretty clear sign that HP is excited about the platform.

With more users now running webOS 1.4.5 and PDK-based apps and games (like Need for Speed Underground and Assassin's Creed) appearing, Pre and Pixi users should have a nice crop of new apps to choose from in the coming weeks.

That million bucks for hot apps isn't going to hurt, either...

[via PreCentral]

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