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It's not Netflix, but Clicker's iPhone app does offer a lot of Web TV is like the TV guide of web shows (and TV shows online). It doesn't get as much hype as Netflix and Hulu, but does offer a lot of video content. Clicker is mostly worth talking about because of the iPhone app, though. Basically, it points you to content from all the video sites you watch for free (YouTube,, Revision3) and adds the ability to buy iTunes videos.

With Clicker's app, you're really downloading the packaging. It doesn't do anything you couldn't do on your iPhone already, it just combines those functions into one wrapper and adds some social sharing features.

Clicker will support Hulu Plus and Netflix eventually, but you'll still need the corresponding apps to watch. It's conveniently coming out around the same time as this morning's Netflix for iPhone announcement, but Clicker just isn't as exciting.

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