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The Incident brings retro graphics and unique gameplay to the iPhone

The Incident's retro pixel graphics look anything but iPhone-esque, but this little gem of a game takes full advantage of the iPhone's accelerometer and touchscreen. You control a guy who's caught in a falling heap of every kind of debris you can imagine. Think Tetris, but instead of blocks you have to deal with couches, cars, Easter Island heads, and more. Oh, and instead of arranging the falling stuff, you have to climb it.

Tilt your phone to run across the heap, and tap the screen to jump. Along the way, various power-ups (and infuriating power-downs) cross your path, and you'll need all the powering up you can get to make it to the higher levels and figure out the cause of The Incident. Extra lives are easy to come by early on, so save them up, because you'll need them later. There are also achievements to gather up once you beat the game, which add extra dimensions of play.

The best thing about The Incident is its charming attention to detail. The game reveals new objects as you advance higher up the stack, and it contains a seemingly endless supply of junk to drop on you. The worst thing is getting used to the tilt controls, but once you do, it's a lot of fun.

The Incident will run you US$2 on the App Store.

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