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New version of Digg released; face-lifted, faster, but is it too little too late?

The new version of Digg, after a couple of months of beta testing, has today been released to the public.

If you missed my preview of it back in July, here's the basic gist of new Digg: by virtue of a streamlined UI that requires less clicks, it's faster; you now 'follow' news sources (and friends), which generates a personalised 'My News' page; and... well, that's about it, really.

The new Digg is, mostly, about removing its one-page-to-rule-them-all focus. Digg wants to be your social news aggregator, rather than the plaything of power Digger demagogues. The 'Top News' section is still there, but the idea is that you can now tailor your own page to show sites and articles that come from your favourite news sources, or from your friends. Digg, which has had a flat growth graph for a while, is trying to attract a new, classier, social clientele.

It is, in essence, a Facebook-and-Twitter amalgam, but without the critical mass of users that has made both aforementioned services so damn useful. Digg has always been a bit of a knackered one-trick pony, and by watering down the efficacy of its front page traffic hose, I just wonder if Digg has enough clout to stand proud amongst the heavyweights.

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