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MessageParty is a location-based iPhone chat app

Could MessageParty be the newest chat trend? It's an iPhone-only, location-based chatroom. That means you can jump in and start talking to people near you, in your city, or even in the worldwide "everybody" room. It's easy to set up, using Facebook Connect to log in, and there aren't a lot of frilly features. There aren't even direct messages, which really keeps the "party" in MessageParty. Just set up a room for your location or event, and off you go.

I could see this catching on in a few particular markets: high school or college campuses, for example. Mashable suggests it would work well at conferences. So far, MessageParty has around 750 users trying out the Everybody Party, and I've seen 7 people signed in here in Seattle. The interface is insanely easy to figure out, so this could catch on big-time ... it just needs a big event to drive it, the way SXSW in Austin helped launch Twitter.

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