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It's official: Google Voice comes to Gmail -- phone booths on the way

As predicted, Google Voice has now become a part of Gmail. You'll need to install the Google voice and video chat plug-in for your browser and you'll also need a U.S. based Gmail address. Sorry, everyone else alive who uses Gmail (and tech-savvy zombies) -- we're out of luck for the time being.

But there's a twist to the voice calling story. It seems Google plans on giving new users the first hit free, as it were -- by installing Google Voice phone booths in airports and on university campuses. Here's how their plan breaks down:
  1. Install phone booths in public locations
  2. Get users to fall in love with the service
  3. ...
  4. Profit!
Google's official blog post is here. I heartily encourage all non-U.S. Gmail users to make with the expansion requests there starting... Now.

Also, Skype killer, etc.

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