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Color Theory is a retro-tastic platformer - Time-Waster


You've gotta love those retro games! Color Theory is an 8-bit style platformer, wherein your blocky character jumps all over the screen and hits colored "tokens."

Each level is composed of platforms in a number of colors. As soon as you hit a colored token, all of the matching platforms become transparent. So, if a blue wall is blocking your way, just find a blue token, hit it, and the blue wall becomes transparent.

It quickly gets complicated, though; some platforms have spikes, and there are Pacman-style "ghosts" that move around and get in your way. Also, there's a "gravity-shifter" token, which flips gravity in the game – up becomes down and vice versa. It's pretty confusing!

You can't always see where you're jumping, but the designer helpfully included arrows and other hints. If you aim for the arrow, you'll land wherever you need to land in order to keep going.

Some of the levels require very precise timing, like level 12 (shown in the screenshot); that's where I got stuck. It's not a very difficult game, though, and it's lots of fun. How far did you get?

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