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Windows Phone 7 Web browser comparison versus iPhone and Android (video)

No, sadly it's not my video (whose accent do you prefer, incidentally? The squeaky American, or mine?) but still, it's a great early look at the browsing experience on Windows Phone 7.

Lee really likes the tabs (those close buttons look fiddly though). I like the Metro UI, and the ability to add favourite pages to the Start screen. Froyo looks like a crusty donkey in comparison -- and iOS4 even manages to look a bit bland. I never thought I'd see a Microsoft product on the bleeding edge of user interface design...

Microsoft's new mobile OS is all but finished now, incidentally. The final release of its developer tools comes on September 16th (one day after the IE9 beta!), and handsets should be out in the wild by October. Did you see the list of games that will be available at launch? Commence salivation.

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