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Mayorama could be the ultimate Foursquare companion, but it's not quite there yet

If you're a mayorship-obsessed, Foursquare-loving, check-in fiend with an iPhone, Mayorama could be the best 99 cents you spend this week. It promises to show you the status of your mayorships -- how many check-ins you have at each venue, and how many to go until you become mayor -- and give you a list of targets (nearby vulnerable venues you can check into). Even if you're just wondering how many more morning Starbucks visits will make you mayor, 99 cents isn't a lot to pay for the info.

The thing is, Mayorama's not quite there yet. It has trouble grabbing your info from Foursquare (it works, it just displays a message saying that it didn't), and it can only show nearby venues. I get that being nearby means valid check-ins, but what if you just want to see whether driving across town could make you mayor? You can't, because your check-in history is the one part of the app that doesn't load.

I'm sure these problems will be cleared up with an update, but there are also some essential features for mayorship-hunters that ought to be included. A venue search would be nice, for one thing, and that has to be available in the Foursquare API. Also, the ability to check in off the grid would be really nice. It sucks to spam your friends with your repetitive mayor-seeking check-ins, and Mayorama doesn't give you the option not to broadcast. I find myself checking Mayorama and then switching to the Foursquare app to check in siliently.

This could be the app I've been looking for to put the fun back into the whole mayorship thing, but it just doesn't quite work as advertised yet. Still, for a buck, it's well worth trying.

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