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More than 40% Valve's Steam user base are also avid users of BitTorrent

I bring you news that won't shock but will surely delight! Just over 40% of Steam users have a BitTorrent client installed -- and 75% of those are using uTorrent. Mainline is second with about 10%, with Vuze and BitComet coming in third and fourth place respectively.

These delicious statistics have emerged thanks to Steam's hardware and software survey which now includes a breakdown of installed applications on each user's computer. With up to 25 million users being polled in the survey, the accuracy is really second to none -- at least when it comes to gamer-specific trends! It's worth noting that the survey is completely automated too -- Steam scans your hard disk and hardware configuration to produce these figures.

In non-BitTorrent-related news, Firefox is by far the most popular browser amongst gamers with 63% of Steam users having it installed (Chrome is almost at the bottom with only 11.5%). Almost everyone has Adobe Flash, 73% have Acrobat Reader, and a rather large 57% have Microsoft Office installed. I wonder how many of those Office installations were downloaded via BitTorrent... Perhaps Steam gamers spend so much money on games that they don't have enough left to spend on Microsoft Office...?

Incidentally, these figures are only for Windows installations. Here's something for the Mac crusaders, though: iTunes is actually installed on more computers than uTorrent (but only just), and QuickTime is installed on 44% of computers!

(Note: the above image is snipped, or I would never have fit it all in!)

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