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Verified authors start appearing in Chrome Extensions Gallery -- but not on Google's own extensions?

If you were about to launch a new feature on an add-on site for an application you develop, it seems like your own creations would be a great place to start. Take the Chrome Extensions Gallery and the new $5 fee/domain verification functionality Google just added.

The Chromium blog announced the change two days ago, and several extensions are already displaying the verified author stamp. While I've seen everything from more well-known developers like WOT to humble individuals verifying their Tumblr sites, one thing surprises me. Google hasn't verified any of their extensions yet.

It's a bit surprising. After all, it's Google's Gallery and browser -- and a change they dreamed up, developed, and implemented. You'd think stamping your own submissions to the Gallery would have been a top priority -- both to give end users a visual cue that all these Google extensions are the genuine article and to set a precedent with developers.

This is only the third day, of course, and Google will no doubt give their extensions the check mark at some point -- I just find it strange that they didn't have them marked from the get-go.

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