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Google TV demoed on video -- Google Chrome on board, slick search capabilities

Over at StuffWeLike they've posted a video gem from Comic Con 2010 (of all places) of Google TV being demoed to attendees. Comic Con? Hey, a demo's a demo -- who are we to argue?

What you'll see in the video after the break is darn near a geek's TV dream come true. Apart from adding super-slick search abilities to your DIRECTV receiver (Google TV can search everything from the program guide to your PVR stash), there's Google Chrome -- front and center on the apps menu.

Since Chrome is on board, you'll be able to enjoy the same Web content you do on your computer. That also means anything which runs on the "Chrome platform" -- extensions and the Web Store's upcoming assortment of apps and games -- should also work. While they're not demoed, it's interesting to see Netflix and Pandora apps on the menu as well.

It's an interesting look at what Google TV is all about. Check out the video and share your impressions in the comments!

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