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Will policy support help Google Chrome make enterprise gains?

While Google Chrome has seen plenty of uptake from enthusiasts, developers, and end users at home, enterprise environments have always been a bit tougher to penetrate. Internet Explorer is still king of the hill when it comes to enterprise browsing -- and even Firefox has only recently begun to make serious inroads.

One thing which might help is the addition of policy support to Chrome. With administrators able to control things like access to Wrench > Options, extension installs, and content settings, they might just be a little more willing to deploy Chrome on their corporate machines -- where manageability is a primary concern. There's still the tech support hurdle to overcome: many large businesses outsource their IT help desks and Chrome support skills could be in short supply. It's still a very young browser, after all.

Google also recently introduced an .MSI package for Chrome, and that too could help further adoption. The .MSI allows for machine-wide installs into the Program Files directory rather than into your Application Data folder and should make deployment a painless procedure (at least the install portion).

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