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Norton, Kaspersky share top spot in Q2 testing of antivirus apps on Windows 7

I've mentioned before that Norton 2010 is a big improvement over Symantec's releases of the last few years -- and the results from AV-Test's Q2 testing certainly seem to bear that out.

Norton Internet Security posted a total score of 16/18, a mark equaled only by Kaspersky. Norton bested Kaspersky in 0-day detection, catching all 59 samples while Kaspersky missed ten. Both apps posted similar usability scores and showed impressively low marks for system slowdown -- their 134 seconds beat even Microsoft Security Essentials at 163 seconds.

NIS 2010 only threw two false positive warnings to Kaspersky's three in the three months of testing. Not bad when you consider that's out of more than 600,000 test cases!

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