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PayPal rushes in to save Android Market

In news that plays like heavenly, August music upon the ears of disenfranchised Android users throughout the world, a PayPal checkout option may soon appear on the Android Market.

It seems Bloomberg is running with an anonymous tip, and the story goes on to say that the deal is by no means confirmed -- but it sure would make a lot of sense if it's true! Currently you can only buy Android Market apps with Google Checkout, a rather lacklustre service that has failed to gain International traction.

As of today, four years after Google Checkout's launch, you can still only buy Android apps if you live in one of only thirteen lucky countries (not to mention, you can't even download free apps from more than half of the world!) If a PayPal option became available, at least twice as many Android users would suddenly find themselves able to buy apps -- take a look at PayPal's list of supported countries!

As an aside, I wonder what Microsoft has planned for paid app and game sales on its upcoming Windows Phone 7 devices. We're a few years into the smartphone surge, and as yet only Apple has successfully tapped the market with iTunes. The market is wide open, and if Microsoft can finally launch a successful mobile platform...

And thus concludes your dose of possibly-maybe-might-happen-in-the-next-few-weeks-or-months morning news.

[via Ubergizmo]

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