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Grooveshark yanked from App Store, pandas everywhere made sad

Some people (including our own Victor Agreda Jr.) didn't understand why I was so shocked that Grooveshark's app had finally received Apple's blessing and showed up in the App Store. They had a pending lawsuit from one of the major record companies, after all. No matter, said Vic -- Apple doesn't concern itself with that stuff. It's up to the app developers to sort out those issues.

... Or is it?

When that legal issue includes someone who pumps a lot of music content into iTunes, it's a horse of a different color. Universal UK decided to raise a stink with Apple over the Grooveshark approval and the app has now been pulled from the store.

"We are not sleeping until we find some way to fix this," says the official Grooveshark blog.

Of course, the blog also states "This is an absolute surprise to us," which translates to "We're really not surprised at all that a record company who is suing us would cry to Apple about getting us removed from the App Store because they don't like our app."

Who knows when Grooveshark will reappear on iTunes. With label pressure on Apple, it seems highly likely that the app might be dead in the water until Grooveshark's lawyers can work out something with Universal.

I guess those of us who managed to download should feel lucky that they're not using a remote kill switch to banish the app from our devices, right?

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