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Games (including EA's) to be front and center in Chrome Web Store

Right now, the jury's out on Chrome Web Apps -- but there seems to be more than a little confusion about what they are and how they'll work. Sure, some of them will be little more than packaged versions of web apps you use right now like Gmail and Seesmic with support for some nifty Chrome features like notifications -- but others will make use of Native Client, Pepper, and O3D... And that includes full-on games, baby!

We're not just talking Plants vs. Zombies or Bejewelled here either (no offense intended). In the top right corner of 1Up's screenshot you can clearly see FIFA 10 -- and you've got to think that if EA is on board with one title, they'll be bringing more to the table as well.

1Up's post also shows Google demonstrating other in-browser games like the Quake demo their own devs released,, Google Pac Man, and a Flash version of Lego Star Wars. The page for Plants vs. Zombies is also shown with a price of $3.99 -- not to bad for one of the most addictive little games I've played in a long time. There's also a 'try it free' button so you can count on being able to test drive at least some of the games and apps in the store prior to plunking down your cash.

I don't know about you, but the more details that surface the more excited I'm getting about the Chrome Web Store opening its doors. Now, when am I going to get my hands on a shiny piece of Chrome OS hardware....?

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