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Man leaves his very large message on the world with GPS "pen"

A lot of people have used map software to trace out messages across the world's roads, but Nick Newcomen is the first to actually drive the routes and map them with a GPS. Newcomen traveled over 12,000 miles around the US, starting from Texas, to spell out "Read Ayn Rand" across the American landscape. His work is now the biggest piece of GPS writing ever recorded.

Whether or not you like Rand, one of the best-selling (and most controversial) novelists in history, you have to admit that this is a pretty impressive feat of creativity and driving endurance. Anyone could Photoshop the resulting image, but it takes serious dedication to hit the road and map it out. If I were to spell out a message across the entire United States, I wouldn't pick "Read Ayn Rand," though. Maybe "Read Download Squad" would fit?

[via Switched]

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