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Darkness 2 is a "spooky" physics puzzle - Time Waster


At its core, Darkness 2 is a cute physics puzzle. It's dressed up as a "spooky game", which detracts a little bit if you ask me, but it's still a lot of fun, so I decided to write it up.

You're a white ball in a black world. You shoot paint balls; wherever a paint ball hits, it leaves a white "stain". That is, if it hits anything. In other words, you start shooting paint balls to uncover the level you're on. See where the walls are, where you can fall through or jump up to, and eventually make your way to the goal at the end of the level.

It's not a scroller; each level takes up one "screen" of the game. That's good, because it would have been too disorienting otherwise.

As the game goes along, new "weapons" start to appear; suddenly you have bombs, and not just paint balls. And some of the walls aren't static, either – you can either push them aside (and then use them as a jumping board to other places) or even shoot them with a bomb to knock them down or push them much harder.

Had the game been dressed up otherwise, I would have played it for longer. But as it is, it's still a lovely game, especially if you don't mind the dark atmosphere.

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