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USGA concept app for Windows Phone 7 is a golfer's techgasm

What kind of sexy demo apps does your new mobile platform need if you want it to make some noise? Apps which resonate with people who you really, really want using your phones. Executive types, perhaps -- the kind of people with some business clout. People who... enjoy a good round of golf during their downtime? Sure, why not.

Long Zheng has shared loads of images of a conceptual Windows Phone 7 app developed by Microsoft. USGA Shot Tracker is connected, social mobile app for golfers (obviously). It's stunning, and it's one of the most refined WP7 apps I've seen pictured on the web so far.

Tracker lets you search for courses, create and manage groups of golfers, follow your friends, and track your performance. It probably wouldn't be a stretch to assume that tee time bookings aren't far off, which would make Tracker even more attractive to serious players.

Want to see USGA Shot Tracker in action? Take the jump and check out a brief YouTube video!

While I don't golf often (read: once every four or five years), I'd certainly much rather use this ultra-snazzy app instead of a crappy little pencil nub and flimsy paper scoresheet from the pro shop. Who wouldn't want to be able to visual their ball strikes, am I right?

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