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Shutdown Timer v3 released, GUI completely changed


Shutdown Timer is a utility which shuts down your computer, logs you off, runs a file or does any number of other things once the CPU goes above or beyond a certain threshold, or the network downstream or upstream passes a threshold, et cetera.

In simple terms, it's a tool which lets you shut down your computer once your downloads complete for the night. I've covered it before, but a new version has been released, the the UI is completely different now.

To be honest – I liked the previous UI better. This new UI has some odd quirks: for example, I cannot set a condition such as "when CPU is below 10% AND memory is below 2.5GB". It's either CPU or memory, can't be both.

On the plus side, you can now set it to open a file or run a program when the trigger conditions are met – that's new, and very handy.

Another nice thing about this program, in my opinion, is how its creator tries to monetize it. The program's site is beautifully laid out (as is the program); there are no annoyances, but there are clear and simple requests for donation, including a bar that shows how many donations have been collected so far. It's a simple, common model, but the execution is graceful. I certainly hope some people donate (I don't personally use the tool, but if I did, I probably would, just because he asks so nicely and provides a good product). submit to reddit Share

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