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webOS Twitter app Spaz gets even better with 1.2 update

Spaz -- probably the best free Twitter (and app for webOS -- has just been bumped to version 1.2 and the upgrade is a dandy.

One of the biggest improvements is right on the main screen: you can now switch between Twitter accounts by tapping your username, a welcome change for users who need to keep tabs on multiple feeds.

There's also beefed-up OAUTH support, both for Twitter logins and OAUTH ECHO support for image uploads to sharing sites like Twitpic, Twitgoo, and Drippic. Spaz has also upgraded to jQuery 1.4.2, which brings better overall performance.

Spaz is one of my must-have webOS apps, and it just keeps getting better.

As always, if there's a feature you want added just follow funkatron's advice: write a patch yourself and submit it, or post it to the forums! Spaz is open source, and community involvement is an extremely important part of its development process.

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