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How to reboot Google Chrome sync when you're having problems

Google Chrome's sync features can be incredibly handy for those of use who run the browser on multiple computers. Every now and then, however, you may run into a problem. In my case, I had certain bookmarks which kept popping back up even though I'd previously deleted them.

Today I got an email from a reader, John, who was having a similar issue with his extensions. "Recently LastPass has found a way to stay in there, but all my other extensions are gone, no where to be found, not even at chrome://extensions," he wrote.

So, how does he fix this? I've tried a couple things in the past which seem to help.
  1. Sign out of Chrome Sync and sign back in. To do this, click the wrench menu icon and then click options. Once the window appears, click the Personal Stuff tab and press Stop syncing this account. Confirm by pressing Stop syncing.

    This method will work best when you're not signed in to Chrome elsewhere -- so remember to close your browser on your secondary machine before you begin.
  2. Change your Google account password. Also recommended as a quick way to kill 3rd-party app access to your Twitter account, a quick change of your Google password will break sync and give you a chance to start fresh. This link should take you to the password change page, or you can visit your Google Dashboard.

    This will prevent all your systems from re-syncing, regardless of whether or not you closed the browser first.

If you've been having issues with Chrome sync, let us know if either of these solutions worked for you!

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