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Microsoft gets serious about WP7 as a gaming platform, launches studio

It wasn't really a secret that Microsoft had big-time gaming ambitions for WP7 -- the demo video above is from way back in March of this year. As hardware specs begin leaking and the release date approaches, it's time to make sure that someone is developing awesome games for the platform.

Over at the Microsoft Careers site, there's a new job posting which makes it pretty clear that the intended to do plenty of it in-house. According the the posting, "Microsoft Games Studios is establishing a new Studio - MGS Mobile Gaming - focused on bringing games and entertainment to the mobile life that people lead." The Mobile Gaming team will "help realize Microsoft's connected entertainment vision," which includes that awesome start-a-game-on-one-platform-continue-on-another feature they showed off.

You've got to think that the millions of hard-core Xbox 360 gamers out there will be at least a little interested in picking up a WP7 device if Microsoft can deliver a compelling cross-platform experience...

[via NeoWin]

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