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Chrome beta channel update brings UI, sync updates, faster V8 JavaScript engine

Google has pushed more Chrome features from the dev channel over to beta today -- and you might not be particularly happy about one of them.

The unified menu which received a lot of heat from dev channel users has now been pushed. The change makes sense when you consider Google's commitment to keeping Chrome's interface as minimalist as possible, but it does mean that certain functions aren't located in the places users expect to find them (like the Extensions link).

Now bumped to v6, Chrome beta now supports Autofill and extension sync (woot!) and sports a speedier V8 JavaScript engine (Google reports it as being 15% faster than v5's engine).

More notes are available on the official release post, and you can also check out the Chrome Blog's thoughts on the update.

Looking for the Google Chrome beta channel download? Why, it's right over here!

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