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Bugs on the Bayou is a peaceful, colorful Time-Waster


Bugs on the Bayou is a simple time-waster that can be great for kids. You use the mouse to draw paths on the screen; the object is to try to form circles around the fireflies. When you manage to draw a circle around one or more of the cute, fluttery things, they are squashed with a horrible, crunchy sound and splatter luminescent color all over the screen.

Well, OK, that's not really true. What actually happens is that the game makes a gentle, twinkly sound, and the fireflies are "collected." On every level, you must collect a given number of fireflies. It gets tricky, though, because fireflies come in different colors, and you need to match their color to collect them. So, if you want some purple fireflies, you'll have to circle them with purple lines. To switch colors, simply click the left mouse button.

You must collect a specified number of each color on every level. It's not very difficult, but I wish it had been more colorblind-friendly – the purple and blue fireflies can be difficult to tell apart. Otherwise, it's a nice, easy game.

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