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AOL Tech the movie torrent indexer that's a little bit Netflix, a little bit PirateBay

Last year saw the arrival of, a torrent site which offered a different take on music downloads. It's design is more reminiscent of a music discovery site or download store than a torrent indexer like isoHunt or TPB. offers a similar experience, but for movie downloads.

The site is relatively new, so you won't find virtual shelf after virtual shelf of titles to choose from, but it's growing steadily. Right now there are just over 1,200 movies listed. And just like video on demand sites you're able to browse by release date, genre, or popularity and there's a search option as well. RSS feeds are provided for new releases and newly added torrents.

IMDB ratings are posted (when available, of course), as is a link to the relevant IMDB page and video details like resolution, audio bitrate, and more.'s developer (who happens to be behind as well) told TorrentFreak "We don't have to get used to a third-rate user experience just for dealing with torrents. I tried to build a website that I – and hopefully all the torrents community – would enjoy using." Mission accomplished.

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