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PC vs. Mac -- Microsoft continues the war with a new website that compares Windows 7 to Mac OS X

Microsoft, no doubt buoyed by its massive, continued success of Windows 7 and with a coquettish grin at the dwindling share of Mac OS X, has launched a new PC versus Mac website.

The site, as you can probably guess, details all of the ways that Windows out-strips Mac OS X. But, to be fair, the site's primary purpose is to advertise the features of Windows 7 -- first it compares and contrasts against XP and Vista, and then there's a section on how it's superior to Apple's offering.

In which areas does Windows 7 beat out Mac OS X, then? Having Fun, Simplicity, Working Hard, Sharing, Compatibility and Choice. I don't think there'll be any arguments about the Compatibility and Choice claims, but I'm sure many Mac users think their platform is the definition of Simplicity. Having Fun obviously refers to the lack of games on Mac, and Sharing movies, music and photos with Windows 7 is definitely very easy.

But all this comes from a Microsoft-owned site aimed at marketing its new golden goose. It's hardly going to extol the virtues of a competing operating system. Also, I don't use Mac OS X, so I'm hardly in a position to counter Microsoft's claims. So, Apple users (or indeed, anyone that's used both Windows 7 and OS X), are Microsoft's claims accurate? submit to reddit Share

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