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Key Hero typing test is an addictive way to check and improve your typing


Key Hero is an online typing test implemented in Flash. It's very, very good, and very addictive.

You'll be given an assortment of texts -- all from known books or films, and all quite nice to read. You hit Start, and it then waits for your first keystroke. Once you start typing, the timer kicks in. When you make a mistake, it beeps and turns red. You fix it, and continue.

At the end your overall speed and accuracy for that text is displayed. You'll also see a graph that shows your speed throughout the text. If you do more than one test, Key Hero presents a graph at the bottom of the page showing you all of your previous scores so you can see whether or not you're improving or maintaining the same speed.

There's another graph, showing the type of mistakes you make. These can be bad ordering, wrong case, doublet, or "other". Most of mine are bad ordering.

So, as you can see in the screenshot, my top score is 110.3 WPM, with a 99.41% accuracy rate -- I should mention I use Colemak, and that it wasn't my first try.

What's your top score? Post a screenshot, don't just tell us!

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