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Google and Verizon introduce net neutrality proposal

When Google and Verizon got together last week to talk about net neutrality, everyone -- including the New York Times -- freaked out and assumed that Google was trying to get Verizon to prioritize Google traffic across Verizon's broadband infrastructure. Today, the two companies held a joint press conference to say that the exact opposite is true: both companies are supporting a 7-point plan to maintain net neutrality, and they want the US government to get behind it.

The plan, outlined on the official Google Blog, would give the FCC broad powers to ensure that all traffic is treated equally, plus enforcement powers to punish companies that play favorites. Internet service providers would also no longer be able to prioritize any kind of legal traffic on their networks over any other in a way that hurts users or stifles competition. Providers would also have to be more transparent about what their services actually do, instead of advertising speeds and services that don't come close to what they promise. We're talking an open broadband marketplace where consumers have all the power, and the FCC has the ability to protect us, the users.

Personally, I'm all for it. Read over Google's plan and tell Download Squad what you think of it in the comments. submit to reddit Share

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