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Google Wave lives on -- as Novell Pulse

Granted, the majority of us will never use it since it's an enterprise solution, but Wave is still alive and kicking in many ways as the underlying base for Novell Pulse. Due to be released sometime in the second-half of the year, the project is nearly ready for its debut into the exciting world of conferences, collaborative document editing, and boardroom stick-figure doodling.

Though largely unheard of, Pulse has been in development for quite some time now. Novell had planned to make it a suit-wearing, time-is-money sort of corporate version of the very generic original. To that end, it's not unlikely that more Wave derivatives may crop up in the near future, since the original Wave Federation Protocol is still available and begging for attention.

Pulse is set to be available as a cloud service at first, with "on-site deployment" planned as a later option. Big selling points for the service seem to be all the same things that Google said were great about Wave, with a big added dose of corporate INFOSEC. It's certainly not the happy Wave we all knew and neglected, it's all business.

It's only been days since the announcement of Wave's impending demise, so it'll be interesting to see just how many organizations actually start using Pulse later this year, given that Wave was so ill-received by the masses. Those same masses may well carry their dislike for the protocol with them to their newly Pulse'd workplaces should their employers choose to utilize Novell's new baby. submit to reddit Share

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