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Liquid Page bookmarklet lets you visually rearrange page elements


Whether creating a whole new site or changing an existing design, you may often want to shuffle things around and test different layouts. Liquid Page is a bookmarklet that lets you do just that, on any website, right from your browser.

It's as simple as it sounds: you click the bookmarklet, wait about half a second while jQuery loads, click a couple of prompts, and you're on your way. You can now click and drag all DIV and UL elements on the page, which (for most websites) means all "blocks," whether they're content or navigation.

Of course, once you refresh the page, all of your changes revert; you can't use this to make permanent changes (that's what Greasemonkey is for). However, it's a really great way to test out visual ideas or get some quick feedback about changing page layouts without touching a single line of code or even running a program outside of your browser. This is one link to keep (or you can just find it on when you need it).

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