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Meego in-vehicle infotainment remix now available for download

Meego -- the Linux effort headed up by Intel and Nokia -- recently scored a fairly major win, with GENIVI selecting it as the platform of choice for in-vehicle infotainment. In case you're not familiar with GENIVI, it's a consortium comprised of several high-profile companies including GM, BMW, Hyundai, Intel, Nokia, NVidia, ARM, Freescale, and many others.

On GENIVI's about page, they speak of "developing a reusable, open source IVI platform" with the hope of driving "broad adoption of [a] development platform." Enter Meego, which now appears poised to face off against Android on an even wider variety of upcoming devices.

Just days ago, the Meego IVI version was made available to the public. If you've got a car PC (or you plan on knocking one together), you can now download the remix and give it a go. As you'd expect with an IVI OS, Meego supports road-friendly tech like Bluetooth and Navit. Fennec is included for web browsing and Totem currently handles audio/video duties.

Right now, the Meego IVI interface isn't quite as polished as the netbook version, but it's a nice start and should be a nice fit for small-screen in-dash systems.

If your luck is better than mine, feel free to send over some screenshots -- I couldn't get Meego IVI to do anything other than boot and freeze at the desktop, and it wouldn't install.

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